Online Services


  • Appointment Booking: Patients can book and manage appointments with their practice based on availability.
  • Prescription Services: Patients can order repeat prescriptions directly from their practice and have them delivered to a preferred pharmacy for collection. Practices can encourage usage of this feature. 
  • Health Records: Access to selected parts of the patients NHS medical record, including allergies, medications, and immunisation history. This feature provides individuals with better visibility and understanding of their health information.
  • Symptom Checker: The app provides a symptom checker tool that allows patients to assess their symptoms and get guidance on appropriate next steps, such as self-care advice or contacting healthcare services. 
  • Messaging through the app (Communicating – will be available from August 2023 TBC) GP practices should regularly communicate with patients through the NHS app, providing important updates, reminders, and notifications. This can include sharing information about practice services, health campaigns, vaccination programs, or any changes in practice operations.
  • Enhanced Access to Services: The NHS app seeks to simplify access to healthcare services by enabling users to book appointments, order repeat prescriptions, and access relevant healthcare information digitally. By offering these features, it aims to reduce administrative burdens, streamline processes, and improve overall patient experience. Administration time freed can use used within the practice on other tasks. 
  • Personal Health Management: The NHS App aspires to empower individuals to better manage their own health by providing access to selected parts of their medical records, allowing them to view important information such as allergies, medications, and immunisation history. This enables patients to have a more comprehensive understanding of their health and supports informed decision-making.